Anti Spam Email Filtering

While most email protection services charge you for every mail account that gets filtered, our service covers ALL your email accounts on your domain.

Spam. Just the word can send a chill down your spine. We know how much of a hassle spam can be, and we're determined to stop spam BEFORE it reaches your mail server. Protect your server against inbound malware, phishing, ransomware, and viruses.

HostDime's Email Filter removes spam from your mail in our cloud first, so only clean mail gets sent to and from your mail accounts. Mail is processed in one of hundreds of Cloud Servers in the United States and Europe. Our service is 100% fully GDPR compliant; you may configure our service so that it uses servers only in the US or only in the EU.

HostDime offers inbound email filtering, outbound email filtering, and email archiving. These services can be bundled ($49.99/month per domain) or purchased a la carte ($14.99/month per domain for inbound or outbound filtering, $29.99/month per domain for email archiving).

The Benefits of HostDime's Inbound Email Filter

HostDime's anti-spam experts filter out the latest spam and malware. Gone are the days spending time constantly blacklisting accounts and receiving false positives. The service is easy to set up. Simply change your MX records, and we can help you out with that if necessary. There is no need to host your email service elsewhere; you can continue to manage your email in cPanel, Plesk, or your local mail server exactly as you do now.

The Benefits of HostDime's Inbound Email Filter

  • Spam Filtered Before It Reaches Your Network: Even the newest threats are eliminated.
  • Full Email Redundancy: If the destination server is down, your inbound email is queued and delivered once the server is reachable. We provide 14 days of email backup for FREE!
  • Save on Hardware Resources: Eliminating incoming spam saves up to 80% of your current hardware resources.
  • Increased Productivity: Now that you no longer have to worry about dealing with spam or email malware, focus on what matters most.

Inbound filtering costs just $14.99 per domain per month. Again, this is PER domain, not per mail account like most competitors.

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$14.99/month per domain

Why Choose HostDime's Outbound Email Filter

HostDime's outbound email filtering service allows you to filter mail that your users send from your local mail server. If one of your domain's mail accounts becomes compromised, we'll filter the spam, ensuring only clean mail leaves your network.

Why Choose HostDime's Outbound Email Filter?

  • Protect Your Reputation: Secure your IPs from getting blacklisted.
  • Detailed Reports: Find your top spamming users and stop the abuse immediately.
  • Complete Control: Spam email is stored and quarantined for you to review.

Outbound filtering per domain costs just $14.99 per domain per month, and can be purchased separately from our inbound filtering service.

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$14.99/month per domain

The Perks of HostDime's Email Archive

HostDime's Email Archive Service saves a copy of all incoming and/or outgoing mail for an extended period of time. Best of all, you can even use our service to send mail if/when your mail server is down. No more lost email! Remember, all of our services are backed by our outstanding 24/7 support team! There's no lengthy contract for this service, so you have nothing to lose. Open a chat now and say goodbye to spam!

The Perks of HostDime's Email Archive:

  • No More Lost Email: Every email copy is encrypted and compressed.
  • Legal Compliance: Avoid legal trouble and fines by always having copies of email accessible.
  • Redundant Cloud: Everything is safely backed up to prevent data loss.

HostDime's Email Archive Service costs $29.99 per month for up to 10 GB of stored mail. Contact us if you would enjoy more storage space.

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Cost Comparison for Anti-Spam Service Covering 2 Domains with 15 Mail Accounts

While most email protection services charge you for every mail account that gets filtered, our service covers ALL your email accounts on your domain. Say you have 15 email accounts across 2 domains, here's the price comparison:

As you can see, most providers do not allow for purchasing services a la carte. You may be stuck with features you may not need. With HostDime, you can choose just outbound filtering or just email archiving if that works best for you.

Private Label for Resellers: If you have servers in HostDime's Orlando data center, you are more than welcome to resell our email filtering service to your own clients. Give out access to your own private control panel. Set your own cost! This can be a major selling point for your business; be known as the spam killers!

Bulk Pricing and Bundled Services

Depending on how many domains you have, be sure to take advantage of our bulk pricing!

Start a chat with us now and let us know the protection you would like. There is a one time $14.99 setup fee. For more information, read our Email Filter and Archive Frequently Asked Questions.