Brazil Network

HostDime Brazil’s network featuring multiple redundant connections allows us to reach everyone in Brazil at the lowest latency possible.

HostDime Brazil operates in two Tier III Design Certified data centers: João Pessoa, in Northern Brazil, and São Paulo, in Southern Brazil. This gives our clients the ability to target both the northern and southern markets of Brazil. Services in Brazil include colocation, cloud servers, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting, all physically located in Brazil.

HostDime Brazil’s network has multiple diverse and redundant connections from the leading bandwidth providers including: is the Internet exchange point system of Brazil, featuring 31 internet exchange points, with the most important localted in Sao Paulo with a traffic peak over 5 Tbit/s.

Cirion operates one of the most interconnected data center platforms in Latin America, present in 20 countries, with 18 carrier-neutral data centers and 50,000 km terrestrial network.

Mob Telecom's headquarters are in the "Brazilian Telecommunication Hub" of Fortaleza, one of the most important Submarine Cable meeting points in the world.

Tely is a telecommunications company based in João Pessoa and provides telecommunications solutions for corporate customers and ISPs.

UMTelecom is a telecommunications and IT infrastructure solutions operator that has more than 15,000 kilometers of fiber optic network.

Embratel is a major Brazilian telecommunications company headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and owns four fiber optics submarine cable systems.

This network design allows for our network to reach everyone in Brazil at the lowest latency possible.

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Other Network Features

  • Redundant underground fiber optic points of entry
  • Excellent connectivity with multiple major telecom partners
  • Alternate carrier networks available

Brazil has a population of over 200 million and is one of the fastest growing online countries in the world. While 80% of Brazilian websites are hosted out of the country due to lower costs, we aim to lower that number with our Brazil data centers offering lightning fast speed. By hosting sites locally, latency can be reduced to under 75ms, compared to more than 150ms latency for websites hosted on U.S.-based servers.

As important as our equipment is, the qualified individuals who build, maintain, and service each aspect of our infrastructure from the servers to the network, to the internal software systems are who really makes HostDime stand above those in our industry.

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