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Traditional VPS and Cloud VPS set-ups are similar, with a significant difference being the way each is deployed and managed. A VPS is hosted on one single physical server, while a Cloud VPS is on an infrastructure spread across multiple physical servers for maximum scalability and high availability.

Cloud VPS service


Virtual Private Servers do many things well, however a slight against them is they don't scale well. Conversely, Cloud VPS has a large infrastructure behind it which allows for scaling up or down depending on demand. Scaling vertically increases the size of your server so you can handle whatever growth comes your way. HostDime's Colombia Cloud VPS is elastic to your needs; provision and release RAM, bandwidth, and storage automatically, no reboot required.

Colombia Cloud VPS Traditional Colombia VPS
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When a server goes down, Cloud VPS can share the load of one server with other connected servers in the infrastructure. This isn't the case with a VPS, as you just have the virtualization software on a hypervisor, which can cause downtime. Cloud set-ups have multiple servers running with the hypervisor to host and manage the virtual machines.

For the utmost in availability, Cloud is the winner due to its failover protection. In the Cloud infrastructure, your server is always online. If a local hypervisor is unresponsive, your server is migrated to a healthy hypervisor. On-demand backup also allows you to deploy multiple backup servers for complete data durability and redundancy.

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