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cPanel is a fully featured web hosting control panel that allows you to manage every aspect of your server. HostDime is an official cPanel license distributor that offers internal cPanel licenses at unbeatable prices.


cPanel Premier - 100 Accounts
$0.35 per account over 100

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* For servers within our network. We reserve the right to deny a price change to any account. For questions regarding cPanel pricing and how it affects you, open up a chat and we’ll be with you shortly.

HostDime strives to lead the industry in offering competitive license rates. We don’t want clients to be worrying about unpredictable software license cost, or to limit the ambitions of growth.

The Benefits of a cPanel License

cPanel allows domain account owners to manage and monitor their web sites. Users can easily manage FTP, email accounts, subdomains, view site statistics and traffic, manage parked and add-on domains, manage their files, generate backups, and so much more.

After purchasing a cPanel license from HostDime, you'll instantly be able to manage your web hosting account or entire server easily and effectively.

  • Unlimited Domains per Server
  • Complete Server Administration Web Interface
  • Fully Brandable
  • Fully Featured Domain Owner Interface
  • Separate Administrator, Reseller and Domain Owner Access
  • Multilingual
  • Free Virus Scanner

Add-on Software Available for cPanel Licenses:

Cloudlinux logo


CloudLinux is the leading platform for multi-tenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than shared hosting. Click here to purchase CloudLinux.

Kernelcare logo


Kernel updates are an integral part of normal operation and upkeep. KernelCare checks for new security updates every four hours, and then takes nanoseconds to install these patches to provide you a more secure Linux server. Click here to purchase KernelCare.

Fantastico logo


Fantastico is an industry leading auto script installer for cPanel servers with over 10,000 installations with a million users worldwide. Quickly install over 700 of the leading open source content management systems to your server. Click here to purchase Fantastico.

WHMCS logo


WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control. Click here to purchase WHMCS.

Softaculous logo


Softaculous is a newer auto script installer that currently has 148 scripts in their inventory and always adding more. Softaculous is ideal for reseller businesses that would like to allow their clients to install all their favorite scripts without requiring your support time. Click here to purchase Softaculous.

WHMXtra logo


WHMXtra is designed to save you time and money when it comes to securing, repairing and managing your server! Xtra is a unique addon module for cPanel servers, designed to turbo charge WHM and cPanel, adding many features you could normally only do via command line. Click here to purchase WHMXtra.

WHMSonic logo


WHMSonic is a popular cPanel plugin that allows you to offer Shoutcast streaming media, AutoDJ, and radio reselling services from your bare metal or Cloud Server without requiring your users to have root access. Click here to purchase WHMSonic.

RVskin logo


RVskin is a multilingual advanced skin management software tailored specifically for cPanel Servers. With this add-on you will be able to brand your cPanel interface specifically for your company. Click here to purchase RVskin.

FAQ Regarding HostDime's cPanel Offerings

Q: What kind of license is HostDime offering?

A: For our internal customers (customers who have their infrastructure hosted in one of our global data centers), we will be offering a few different options ranging from Solo to HostDime's cPanel Premier license.

Q: What is the classification of Metal versus Cloud that I now see?

A: cPanel has simply changed the nomenclature of the license types. "Dedicated Server" licenses have now been changed to "Metal" and "VPS" licenses have now been changed to "Cloud".

Q: How does the user/account limit work?

A: cPanel now bills based only on the number of actual cPanel accounts. Addon domains & Parked domains do not count towards the account limit. If you have 6 cPanel accounts, each with no addon domains, your cPanel account limit will be "6". If you have 1 cPanel account with 6 addon domains, your cPanel account limit will be "1".

Q: Can I still pay my cPanel license on a yearly basis to coincide with my server payment?

A: cPanel no longer offers yearly licenses so we will not be able to accommodate any billing period other than monthly for cPanel licenses moving forward. A workaround that we've found would be to deposit enough credit into your account to cover the license fee for the number of months that you have remaining on your server's yearly fee. Note, however, that we cannot dedicate account credits to any specific service so any other services/addons that are purchased may utilize those account credits as well.

Q: What are your bulk discount tiers for customers with many licenses?

A: Our cPanel licenses will be the same for all customers, across all licenses. Our standard pricing will apply regardless of the number of cPanel licenses a user purchases.