HostDime Alex

Meet HostDime Alex, the HostDime mascot.

HostDime Alex selfie

If you still haven’t had the chance to meet Alex, the HostDime mascot, it is about time for us to introduce him. Alex is the average techie, with the pocket pen protector gear and his broken glasses, who represents the top-tier customer service HostDime’s support team offers to our beloved clients.

Someone from our Support Team will always be there to offer any guidance or to solve any of our customer’s problems. HostDime’s priorities are based on the satisfaction of our customers, and we use Alex the toy to represent that goal. We first released Alex prior to HostingCon 2010, which built up a lot of excitement about our new mascot. Our Director of Client Relations, Alex Font, was chosen to be the official representative for our mascot. For that reason, HostDime decided to name the mascot Alex.

HostDime Alex snapshot
HostDime Alex snapshot2

Personifying Alex as HostDime’s representation of our support crew gives our clients a sense of comfort, especially when they are in need of our services. We treat our customers as if they were our own partners. By focusing on personal relationships rather than increasing the number of clients, we are able to provide them with services that they not only expect, but that they also deserve. What HostDime Alex represents is above and beyond every aspect of the company.

HostDime Alex snapshot3

Since his inception, Alex has been seen all over the world. Our mascot is a known traveler and explorer; watch his many adventures below, and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and add him on Facebook and Instagram.