We Are Distinct.

HostDime is the place to live your passion. As an employee, you are a vital part of the company. We are committed to providing our employees an opportunity to build their careers while working in an environment that encourages innovation, learning and personal growth. We value hard work and dedication, and employees are awarded based on merit. We recognize that the success of our employees comes from within the company; your success is our success. Together we’ll do whatever it takes to attain our goals.

Employee Core Values

  • Accountability

    Take responsibility for your decisions and actions; when mistakes are made, acknowledge and learn from them.

  • Dedication

    Display exceptional commitment to your work, peers, and the company.

  • Innovation

    Think differently, be creative, take risks, and challenge yourself to develop cutting edge solutions.

  • Professionalism

    Practice honesty and integrity in your roles by displaying professionalism through your actions, while inspiring others to do the same.

  • Proficiency

    Make intelligent decisions from the beginning and emphasize the quality of work versus the quantity

  • Initiative

    Take the initiative in performing work that is above and beyond what is required.

HostDime Corporate Office Location: Orlando, FL

Our corporate office currently houses the Sales, Marketing, Support, Creative, Client Accounting, Human Resources, and Abuse & Security teams, who work together to accomplish our common goals and interests. This office is a 15,000 square foot facility that we built out and moved into as of March 2014, which currently holds over 90 staff members across all shifts, spanning 24 hours a day.

HostDime Data Center Location: Maitland, FL

Our data center consists of Network Operations, Engineering, Network Security, and DevOps teams working together around the clock. This is a 25,000 square foot facility that we expanded out in January 2011 which is designed to ensure the electrical and mechanical systems are being efficiently maintained.

International Offices Location: 7 International Locations

Across the globe, we have teams who service their local cultures in their regional languages. We currently have offices in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom, but we are growing every day to add more countries to our global family. In these locations, we have teams such as Support, Sales, and Accounting, who all operate the branches independently and work to improve the level of service for their customers nonstop.