Sucuri Website Protection and Firewall Security

Sucuri is the go-to solution for HostDime clients who have been hacked or require additional security.

Roughly 30,000 websites are hacked every day, with new threats emerging constantly.

You may see these staggering numbers and want additional security. You may have recently been hacked yourself. Whether the case, Sucuri is the go-to solution for HostDime clients.

Sucuri is the industry leader in website security. They offer a full website security platform for malware removal and monitoring, and a website firewall service to stop hacking attempts and offer DDoS protection.

Sucuri's Website Security Platform

Sucuri's website security platform is an all-in-one solution that features support, monitoring, detection, protection, response, and performance.

First, they will scan your site for security issues. Sucuri's automated scripts and professional security analysts dive in to understand your environment and locate infections and their impacts.

Then analysts will go to work to repair your hacked website. Damage like malware and hidden backdoors will be found and fixed. Afterwards, you’ll receive a complete report detailing the issues and fixes.

It’s easy to get help quickly. Simply choose one of the three plans, create your account (30 day money back guarantee), and then open your malware removal request. The basic plan starts at about $16 a month.

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Sucuri's Firewall Protection and CDN

The best offense is a good defense, and no one knows this better than Sucuri, who has provided website protection and performance for over a decade with their firewall and CDN. A total of 170,827,313 attack attempts were blocked by their firewall in 2019.

This website firewall can also be used as a CDN for HostDime clients; this CDN will cache your website automatically, and speed up your website by 70%.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Add your site to Sucuri’s website firewall.

    Sign up by typing in your domain. Select “I am currently under attack” if you’re currently experiencing a DDoS attack.
  • 2. Activate your website protection.

    To enable the firewall, change your DNS records. The firewall will then intercept and inspect all HTTP/HTTPS packets, so only safe traffic gets to your server.
  • 3. Add SSL for data protection.

    Sucuri automatically creates an SSL certificate for your firewall server.
  • 4. Choose your caching preferences.

    Not only is your website now protected from attacks, your site speed should be substantially faster.
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