Bandwidth Usage Policy

HostDime Global Corp. Bandwidth Usage Policy (Last Rev. 10/11/2016).

All dedicated and colocated servers are given access to bandwidth graphs which are updated in five minute intervals. These graphs are located in the Core client portal. All bandwidth billing is exclusively calculated based on the graphs provided in Core. At the end of each month the billing system will analyze usage based on the usage displayed in the "Monthly" usage graph.

All leased dedicated server plans include an allocated continuous data transfer rate of at least 15 Mbps in a 30-day calendar month (quad core servers and up default to 75 Mbps), which is an approximate quantity of 5,000 GB of data transfer (Bandwidth for co-location plans vary on plan selected). If your monthly usage exceeds the bandwidth transfer rate of 15 Mbps within your 30 day billing cycle (unless you request an additional allotment of bandwidth), you will be billed for overages exceeding your allocation based on 95th percentile metering. You agree to pay any overage at the rate of $10.00 per 1 Mbps of bandwidth.

Bandwidth Allocation 15.00 Mbps
Bandwidth used for x month = 18.00 Mbps (based 95th percentile metering)
Bandwidth overages = 18.00 Mbps - 15.00 Mbps = 3.00 Mbps
3.00 Mbps x $10.00/Mbps = $30.00

If you anticipate high bandwidth usage, please contact our sales department via our helpdesk for further information on the availability of other plans with higher bandwidth allocations for lower rates.

Note: The rate of 1.00 Mbps of continuous data transfer in a 30 day period is approximately 325 GB of bandwidth.

The $10 per 1.00 Mbps overage rate applies to our US-based data center. Our international facilities have higher pricing for bandwidth and overage charges. To view your data center location's most up-to-date overage rate, login to your CORE profile and view that specific server's profile or you can contact our sales team via the helpdesk.