Managed Cloud Backup, Powered by Veeam

Off-site, full server managed backups for high availability and reduced storage costs.

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Customer confidence and brand reputation is paramount for online enterprises. To achieve this, you must always be available to your users, and you must protect their data.

Introducing HostDime's Managed Cloud Backup, powered by industry leader Veeam! Enjoy increased agility, scalability, and improved cost-efficiency over traditional backup services by backing up your server to the cloud.

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Does Your Business Need Cloud Backup?

40% of businesses never return after a data disaster. To prevent this, smart enterprises follow the 3-2-1-0 rule of backing up your operations. The 3-2-1 rule recommends keeping 3 copies of your data, which should be stored on 2 types of media, with 1 copy being available offsite, equaling 0 errors during the backup process. Normally, getting available backups offsite can be challenging because of bandwidth restrictions, high data volumes, and the expense and resources necessary to build such a backup solution. With our Cloud Backup service, your business will master the 3-2-1-0 rule by setting up backup jobs to create backups, storing on multiple types of media, and keeping a backup copy off-site.

Managed Cloud Backup

This includes a Veeam license and 50GB of backup storage.

  • Bare Metal Server $35.00/month
  • Cloud Server $35.00/month

Custom Configuration

  • Additional 50 GB Blocks $5.00 a block/month

Leverage our data centers to protect yourself and provide ultimate peace of mind. Achieve limitless scalability to meet your growing demand. Enjoy the freedom of no contract, or enjoy better rates with a contract on storage above 1TB. Whatever you decide, chat with us and we will build your customizable cloud repository.